Serbian NGOs, mostly from northern Kosovo, react to “harmful measures of Pristina”


Twelve Serbian non-governmental organizations, mostly from northern Kosovo issued a press statement reacting to the Pristina decision to increase taxes by 100 percent on the goods from central Serbia.

Signatories of the statement include YEC Sinergija from Mitrovica North, New Social Initiative from Mitrovica North, Advocacy Center for Democratic culture (ACDC) from Mitrovica North, “Omladina Napred” from Gracanica, Mission of People from Zvecan, Santa Marija from Zvečan, Action for Social and Economic Development (ASED) from Leposavic, Center for Society Orientation (COD) from Mitrovica North, Women’s Right from Mitrovica North, “Mlada Aktivna” Gracanica and Sports Club Hogosa Dojo from Gracanica. The statement is below:

“We are appalled and very concerned and we publicly condemn the introduction of taxes, first, in the amount of 10% and then 100%, that were introduced by the Pristina Government in relation to the products from central Serbia, thus directly threatening the lives of citizens in Kosovo and Metohija. Practically speaking, if until now the price of bread was 30 dinars, now it will be 60, if the price of one liter of milk was 150 dinars, now its price will rise to as much as 300 dinars.”

“We urge Pristina authorities to return urgently to the negotiation table and stop the harmful practice of threatening human lives in Kosovo and Metohija. In the current situation, Pristina is responsible for the potential escalation of the conflict, due to making such senseless and harmful moves, not only for the Serbs, but also other people and communities in Kosovo and Metohija.”

“We also urge the international community, the European Union, the Quint and embassies to urgently protect the citizens from the escalation of conflicts and irresponsible moves made by Pristina authorities, which are guided by selfish and particular interests. An increase of the taxes by 10 percent and then by 100 percent represents an open violation of the CEFTA agreement and is contrary to the spirit of the agreements signed in Brussels between Belgrade and Pristina,” the statement concluded.

(, 22/11/2018)