Borrell: First visit will be to Kosovo


We’re into the second week of hearings for the new members of Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission, with two commissioner nominations facing members of the European Parliament on Monday afternoon: Věra Jourová, vice president for values and transparency and Josep Borrell, high representative for foreign policy.

Asked if he will push Spain to recognize Kosovo, Borrell says: “Recognition of Kosovo is a competence of members states … We diverge on recognition, but we are united on engagement.”

Borrell says that Serbia and Kosovo must reach agreement and he will push hard to help them reach one.

“My first visit will be to Pristina,” he says, adding that he knows Serbia well but has never been to Kosovo.

Attempting to downplay the importance of Spain’s stance, Borrell says “Kosovo will not be a state” unless it is recognized by major powers such as China — something that would only come about if Serbia and Kosovo reach a deal.

(, 07/10/2019)